What does your firm need from me to begin my return?

  • At least one year prior tax return.  Your previous year's tax return will help Barbara determine exactly what documents are needed for the current year.
  • Current year's W-2s, 1099s, SSAs and any other tax documents reflecting your income
  •  Information on stock sales and trades. 
  • Real estate taxes paid for the year
  • Mortgage interest statements
  • Student loan interest statements
  • Any closing papers from the purchase and sale of vehicles and homes
  • Receipts from contributions, including non cash donations' fair market value.
  • The Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number of child care providers, as well as their address and amounts paid for each child.
For Self Employed or Small Business Owners:
In addition to the above information, we will need:
  • ​If you have an office in your home:
    • square footage of office/storage space and total square footage of your home. 
    • Total utilities, insurance, yard work, home security and repairs expenses
  • Income and expense breakdowns. (If you keep accurate business records using Quickbooks, we can access most of the information we need from a copy of this file.) 
  • If you use your personal vehicle for your business, we will need to know total and business miles for each car/truck driven during the year and a description of each vehicle, its original cost, the date it was purchased and interest paid on the vehicle loan.  If you have the information, include the actual expenses of vehicle operation (gas, repairs, insurance, etc).
  • If you use your equipment, such as a computer, cell phone, etc. for both business and personal use, we need the percentage of time the equipment is used for business.​
We have also compiled a documentation checklist as a resource for our clients.  You may click below to download it.

How Can I Give You My Documents?

There are several ways that you can give us the documents we need.  Feel free to stop by our office to drop them off or bring them with you to your appointment.  You may also email any non-sensitive information (anything that does not include social security numbers, account numbers, etc) to info@bpenhallcpa.com or fax it to (512) 666-3629 .  For sensitive documents, please call our office at (512) 268-4750 and we will give you personalized login information to upload them to our secure portal.